Current Stats

Total weight lifted 2015: 3.6 M lbs
('14-6.5M, '13-6.6M, '12-8M, '11-5.2M)
Total cardio logged 2015: 22.0 hours
Current body weight 301 lbs, Height 6'8

Here's my lifting progress!



Friday, May 8, 2015

Auxiliary workout day

I haven't posted for a week or so and need to play catch-up.  I have been lifting, which is the important part.  A guy has joined me that is going to try to walk-on to the Utah Football Team.  He's about 6'6 and 275 lbs right now - a natural offensive tackle.  He's coming along nicely and I hope he gets to the point he's pushing towards.  He's definitely putting in the work.

Basically, the last few weeks have looked like this:
Monday: bench or other pressing
Tuesday: squat or deadlift, alternating weeks
Wednesday: generally day off, stretching, sometimes cardio
Thursday: whatever didn't hit Tuesday, gets done here, but light including more pressing
Saturday: heavy day, usually heavy pulls and overhead

I haven't been down to Springville for a few weeks as schedules didn't align.  I also had a bad stomach flu a week ago that kept me from going.  I need to get some implement work in, and am hoping to be able to do that this week.

Yesterday was auxiliary work as I was sore from Tuesday and wanted something in the tank for Saturday.  Here is the workout:

Weight Reps
Calf raises 135 75
Shoulder DB work 25 160
Shoulder cable work 25 400
Shoulder cable work 50 400
Shrugs 135 10
135 10
225 8
225 8
245 8
295 8
295 8
Superset axle shrug, DB raises 205 20
25 40
Abs 60 200
Grip work 205 91
Stretch and cool down

In terms of diet/eating, I'm doing ok, not great.  I need to improve.  I am staying hydrated as best I can, but my protein intake is probably a bit light right now.  Sometimes, you just need a couple weeks off, though, to let your body normalize a bit, then back to work!

Looking forward to a big day tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!