Current Stats

Total weight lifted 2015: 3.6 M lbs
('14-6.5M, '13-6.6M, '12-8M, '11-5.2M)
Total cardio logged 2015: 22.0 hours
Current body weight 301 lbs, Height 6'8

Here's my lifting progress!



Friday, September 30, 2011

Still recovering

The shoulder is still nagging, so I got in a very light lift while watching the cougs in a close-call versus the aggies!  I started out walking a mile to get loose, then had to lather my aching left bicep and right shoulder in Bengay just to be able to move...then the lift:

Bench (bar only) x 400 reps
Curls (bar only) x 400 reps
Calf raises (front hold as can't hold on back) x 150 reps on 70 lbs
Front holds x 150 reps on 70 lbs
Straight-leg DL x 30 reps on 70 lbs, 20 good mornings

I'm literally falling apart from fatherhood! :)  Two arm/shoulder injuries (and I don't know where they even came from) and two lingering quad injuries.  Nevertheless, a good lift...I feel good!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recap of last week

I finished the week strong with more cardio (another 5 miles) and some light full body lifts to rack-up a few more pounds and not get too far behind!  I'll try to get in a real lift today on the lower body as the rest seems to be helping my shoulder quite a bit and I don't want to set myself back at all.  I'm staying away from any and all presses for the time being and trying to incorprate some light shoulder lifts to the front and side whenever I can so I don't freeze up!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

No lifts this week

My shoulder has just been nagging me and is not improving at all, so I took the week off of lifting with the exception of some abs and medicine ball lifts just for the sake of getting some motion.  I did switch gears a bit and put in 7 miles on the treadmill over the past 2 days to keep from getting too fat.  I'll see how I'm feeling on Monday but may stick with the cardio and light lift route for another week or so to try and get better.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


A day late, but not a dollar short, fortunately!  With everything hurting but my hands yesterday, I did some light farmer's walk with dumbells.  I also managed a bit of cardio.  Not a log of weight yesterday, but I'll round to an even 20k!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arms & Abs

Playing catch-up for yesterday: (light everything)

Bench - 150 total reps on plates or less
Straight bar standing tricep extenders - 6 sets up to 145
Straight bar curls - 8 sets up to 155
Dumbell lockouts (tris) - 100 x 75 reps for 3 sets
Standing dumbell curls (normal) - 3 sets on 60s
Abs for a total of 200 reps

47,000 lbs

Friday, September 9, 2011

Light day

Pretty sore from some heavy lifts yesterday, so today was a light day.  Dave, apologies, but I did some more lifts after you took off!  I ended up doing a medley of bench, shrugs, and bent rows for a total of 350 reps on 135 lbs, and did a fairly grueling ab workout for 260 reps.  The shoulder is still sore, but the good news is that this week's goal is reached in style, so I can rest for a few days and hopefully get back to 100%!

58,200 lbs

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I'll be quick as I've got my youngest daughter in my arms!

Squat - 8 sets building up to 2 reps on 460 to parallel
Calves - 6 sets building up to 550 for 5 reps
Curls - 6 sets building up to 135 for 4, and a burnout 21 at the end
Abs - front holds for 200 count
Raises - front and lateral (light - my shoulder is sore, so mainly to get movement)

36,000 lbs

Some bench and some cardio

I'm behind on my posting...Monday was a solid bench day.  I worked out with Dave and Isaac and built up to 405 on lock-out bench for 2 reps (elbows to 90 degrees).  We also did some dumbell work on 100s, and about half a dozen sets of straight bar curls (as Dave had a pool party to prep for!), working up to 130 for six reps.

Bench didn't feel great as I've had some shoulder pain, recently.  I've been icing and resting...

Yesterday I didn't lift but did get in a solid hour of tennis for some cardio.  Interestingly, this made my shoulder feel better which tells me I must be dealing with some scar tissue and not a legitimate injury.  I had hurt the shoulder last year serving, so it would be fitting for tennis to be the thing that ultimately makes me feel better...we'll see!

Thus far this week, I'm up to about 41,000 lbs.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some out, some in

Today started as a field-trip to the track with Tiny Tirb (Brit).  She got some good work in on the smaller tire for 25 flips and some nice bruising, while I graduated to the big tire (I estimate at least 600 lbs) for 32 flips.  We were accompanied by my younger sister who we joined in football field suicides and some light jogging.

We returned home where I worked in the following:

Legs superset - Squat, calves and deadlift for a total of 60 reps on plates
150 total reps of abs (various)
Curls for 120 total reps building up to 130 lbs on the curl bar (burn-out with some negatives)
Some stretching to cool down

43,000 lbs

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Triceps, forearms

As I'm keeping better track of my lifts, and lifting more regularly, I'm getting a better feel for my weak areas that are holding me back from improving my max lifts.  Yesterday I realized how out-of-shape my hams are, and when I was having trouble locking out 385 on bench, I had only my tris to blame.  I'm going to switch it up a bit for the next few days and focus on those week areas before transitioning back to the core lift focus.

And without further ado, today's lift:

Combo half crusher to press (8 sets, build up to 125)
Behind head seated db extensions (5 set pyramid, peak at 100)
Bar hold on 225 for 30 count (3 sets with 3 distinct holds)
Captain of crush 1.5 (3 sets of 8), 2.5 (3 reps)
Skiers kneeling (3 sets of 10 at 35)
Medicine ball holds at lockout for 60 count x 2
DB lockout press on bench, burnout 75 for 70 reps
Stretch with focus on low backs and hams to recover from yesterday

39,000 lbs