Current Stats

Total weight lifted 2015: 3.6 M lbs
('14-6.5M, '13-6.6M, '12-8M, '11-5.2M)
Total cardio logged 2015: 22.0 hours
Current body weight 301 lbs, Height 6'8

Here's my lifting progress!



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On the mend

I got the stitches out of my broken toe, tonight, and figured what a better way to celebrate than with a lift...after a hearty meal at 5 Guys, of course!

I didn't go very heavy on anything but got some good volume in and felt a nice pump.  My toe doesn't particularly hurt, which is good, so I'm hoping I can start squatting or doing some deads soon.  It will likely be a few weeks before I'm running, though.

No video today, but here is the workout:

Shoulder warm-ups 25 600
Neutral grip bench 65 15
175 6
225 6
245 6
Bent rows 135 10
135 10
135 10
135 10
135 10
135 10
Triceps pull-downs (band) 75 15
75 18
75 25
75 30
Upright rows (band) 75 25
75 25
Abs 60 60
Cool down and stretch

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Coming off the break on Wednesday, I've been trying to be careful but needed to lift.  I stretched yesterday and did some light rotator cuff motions, and today I lifted but only with bands, cables and light dumbbells.  Nothing very spectacular to report, so here's the workout and until next time:

Shoulder warm-up (rotator) 25 600
Upright rows (band) 100 15
100 15
Lateral raises 20 20
25 20
30 20
Front raises 30 20
35 20
40 20
Shrugs (band) 150 20
150 25
Rows medicine ball 50 25
50 25
50 25
Lat pulls 100 20
100 20
Standing rows (band) 100 25
100 25
Curls 50 50
Abs 60 50
Cool down and stretch

Friday, January 24, 2014

I broke my toe and kept on lifting

Today I broke my toe while I was lifting, and kept on going.  It was nice and bloodied up when I finally checked it out, and the toenail had detached from the growth plate.  Here is a quick video of how it happened:

As an aside, here was the workout:

Weight Reps
Shoulder warm-up (rotator) 25 270
Triceps warm-up (bands) 50 40
Full-range flat bench 135 8
225 3
275 2
315 1
335 1
355 2
Incline neutral grip bench 155 8
155 8
Incline DB press 75 14
75 10
Skull-crushers 75 10
95 6
115 6
Band lockout press 150 25
Front raises KB 53 10
Big-Hun's 45 50
Cool down and stretch

Monday, January 20, 2014

Conan's Wheel

I tried the Conan's Wheel for the first time ever this weekend.  The apparatus belongs to Van Hatfield, who, as I understand it, hates it, and considers it his worst event.  After my first attempt, I have to concur that I'm not a fan.  I did it, though.  I'd seen it enough on World's Strongest Man, that I knew, roughly, what I was doing and could figure it out on the fly.  I never did get comfortable, though.  I'm guessing this is the sort of thing we'll do once a quarter, or thereabouts, because it is taxing, and not a common event in strongman, these days.

We ended up doing 4 sets, working from 300's up to around 700 lbs.  I left with the sorest biceps I've ever had, and my forearms, where the bar rests, felt, and still feel, obliterated.  Education!

We then did the super yoke, but I stayed light and only went up to mid 500's.  I basically ran with it, though, so I'm pretty happy with how my yoke is sitting right now.

We lifted with the better part of a dozen people, so didn't get through that many sets, but met some new people that are into the sport, and had a good time. 

Moving forward, Brian and I are going to focus on gym lifts with one event day each week, and 1-2 sessions with the larger group each month.  I think this will help us sort our weaknesses and continue to improve, while keeping a relatively close tie with our counterparts, and still remaining familiar with the implements.

That's it for today - thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Recovering from the yoke

I couldn't bring myself to do anything weight-related this week, until today.  I'm still so sore from the yoke on Saturday, that real lifting is simply out of the question.  I was able to strictly cord/band/light lifts today to get my blood flowing and ease back into things.  This is a combo of my standard rotator-cuff (shoulder impingement) workout I like to do with a bit of arms.  I'm feeling decent after this, and plan to bench tomorrow (light!!).

Here is today's workout:
Weight Reps
Back fly (cable) 25 300
Shoulder rotator work (cable) 25 300
Curls (cable) 25 100
Triceps extension (band) 50 100
Shrugs (hack-style with band) 75 200
Calf raises (single-leg bodyweight) 300 60
Shot-style press (band) 50 100
Curls burnout 15 100
Grip work (zenith) 50 350
Stretch - warm-up/cool-down

Monday, January 6, 2014

Heaviest yoke of all time...well, for me!

WOW does my back hurt after this!!!  Check it out:

Before this we'd gone heavy on deadlift.  I didn't have much in the tank after a few bad nights of sleep as my poor 3 year old has a double-ear infection.  I did pull about 530, but I didn't feel great.

We also did log, and I bowed out around 260...not a bad start to the year.

I'm feeling it, though, now, and resting up.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recap of 2013: Progress and Goals

2013 was a really good year on the strength side.  I train clean and don't take any illicit substances, so with that in mind, my strength jumps are pretty good.  Here's a snapshot of where I stand going into 2014, what my gain was over the last year, and where I hope to land by the end of this year:

585 lbs, up about 40 lbs, new goal 620 lbs
This is decent.  I'm really strong off the floor, but need to improve mid-range.

600 lbs, up about 45 lbs, new goal 630 lbs
I'm pretty happy with this.  Slow and steady wins the course.

420 lbs, up about 10 lbs, same goal 430 lbs
I'm pretty flat here, but in an area of diminishing marginal returns!

260 lbs, up about 30 lbs, new goal 300 lbs
I have some real growth opportunity here if I can stay healthy in my shoulders.

Rolling Thunder
203 lbs, up about 20 lbs, same goal 225 lbs
My grip is solid, but my goal is world-class!

Captains of Crush
Stuck on 2.5, aiming for 3.0
IBID to the RT comment.

Atlas Stones
Van's red (once), vastly improved, want to run his whole stack
I need to man up and run it!

Farmer's Carry
708 lbs for 50 feet, up about 100 lbs, same goal 760 lbs
I feel this is easily within reach.

750 lbs for 80 feet, up about 100 lbs, goal 850 lbs
I think I'll do this in the next 3 months.

Frame Deadlift
730 lbs without straps, new goal 800 lbs
I think this is within reach without straps, definitely with them.

Double-overhand Axle Deadlift
400 lbs, up about 40 lbs, new goal of 450 lbs
This is tied to the other grip-strength stuff.  I'll be hitting this in 2014!

If the year goes as planned, I'll be knocking the door of a 1,700 lb. 3 lift max, which I think is very respectable for being raw and clean.  I'll be working hard to get there.

SO, that is the 2013 snapshot.  Here I come 2014!  Thanks to everyone for reading, and remember, that Rome wasn't built in a day!