Current Stats

Total weight lifted 2015: 3.6 M lbs
('14-6.5M, '13-6.6M, '12-8M, '11-5.2M)
Total cardio logged 2015: 22.0 hours
Current body weight 301 lbs, Height 6'8

Here's my lifting progress!



Monday, December 30, 2013

675 lb squat!

The year is wrapping-up, and I wanted to assess how my squat is doing.  I hadn't lifted in nearly a week as I'd gotten dizzy late last week due to lack of sleep and getting dehydrated.  Today was my first day back, but with tomorrow being New Year's eve, I thought I'd hit it hard.  Brian joined me, so with a spot, I knew I could go for it.  This is a banded-squat.  At the bottom, it applies somewhere between 50-100 lbs of assistance to come off the bottom, but at the top, isn't doing anything.  It feels somewhere in the middle of a normal, full-range squat, and a top-end squat.  If I had to estimate, it would be about 90% of actual max squat.

So with that background, here is a video of my top sets for singles, followed by the workout:

Weight Reps
Warm-up, roll-out, stretch, jog
Squat with bands 205 3
205 3
295 3
405 2
515 2
565 1
605 1
645 1
675 1
295 6

Monday, December 23, 2013

525 lb bench

I wish!  I did 525 lbs on high-end lockouts, but I'll take it.

High-end lockout bench works on triceps strength and taking the strain.  This is a very short range motion, but it really taxes the shoulders and arms, even just holding the weight for a few seconds.  I also hit full range bench, some intermediate lockout, and some triceps.

I had less than 30 minutes today, so did what I could.  Here is a video of the heaviest set I did:

Friday, December 20, 2013


Not much time to write today, so in summary: rack pull on 725 lbs!  I feel pretty good.  The only thing hurting today is my sternum.  Forearms are marginally good, and shoulders aren't involved today, so I'm in good shape! :)

Here is the workout, and thanks for reading!

Weight Reps
Warm-up, roll-out, stretch, jog
Rack pulls warm-up 100 20
155 20
Bent row 100 20
155 20
Deadlift with bands (speed) 255 3
100 lbs bands 365 2
415 2
Deadlift from 3 inches 315 2
425 2
Quick floor pull 425 1
Rack pulls from knees 425 2
515 2
625 2
675 1
all that fits on my bar! 725 1
425 6
Bent row, press superset 155 50
     with hip thrusts 155 50
Hip thursts 200 25
200 25
Abs (weighted) 75 60
5 min cardio

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Full-body workout

Last week I was both sick and too busy to lift.  I did shovel an inordinate amount of snow, and got a little bit of cardio in, but that was all I could muster.

Yesterday, I finally worked in a nice stretching session with some light cable work.

Today I hit a pretty grueling lift, with constant motion, so my heart rate was up the whole time.  I started on the elliptical, and then, with the exception of a few work breaks, went straight for over 100 minutes.  Here's what I did today:

Weight Reps
Warm-ups - cables, bands, stretch
Plyometric work 300 130
Overhead press barbell 45 30
115 12
115 12
115 12
115 12
Calf raises 205 20
205 20
205 20
205 20
Shoulder fly 15 30
15 30
Shoulder front raise 25 20
25 20
Back fly 25 20
25 20
Skier 50 50
50 50
Shrugs 205 15
205 15
205 15
205 15
Single Forearm curls 35 50
35 50
Thinker curls 25 12
25 12
Single front forearm curls 20 40
20 40
Hammer curls 50 20
50 20
CoC work Various
Abs 75 160
5 min cardio

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Max double-overhand pull with Rogue axle

While deadlifting today, I decided to see how heavy I could go double-overhand on my Rogue axle.  I'd done this once, before, lifting with Brian and Van Hatfield, and Van and I both went out on 385 if I was a while ago.  Well, today I became a man! :)  I got 400 lbs.  For a deadlift, it is nothing, but double-overhand pulling this on an axle is a big deal, if I do say so myself.  Check out the video and you'll see how: a) my hands barely reach around the axle and b) you have to hang on for dear life as the bar tries to rotate towards you.

I did hit a solid lift last week with Brian and then was so sore that I only did some light lifting and a lot of cardio.  We squatted up over 500 lbs on Tuesday, and like a genius, I played football for 90 minutes on Thursday, trying to outrun 18 year olds, and paid the price the next days.  But I'm back at it!  Here is today's lift:

Weight Reps
Warm-ups - cables, bands, stretch
Log standing 85 15
85 15
135 8
135 8
205 2
185 3
185 3
185 3
185 3
185 3
85 15
Overhand axle deadlift 25 20
135 10
185 6
235 4
345 2
400 1
Superset x 2 
DB press x 20, OH axle x 10, Log x 10, Medicine ball x 3 x 10
10 min cardio

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Training for the #believeinbre fundraiser

This Saturday is a fundraiser for #believeinbre, and our friends at MusclePharm are supporting it with some Combat and Assault - thanks #musclepharm.  I'm going to compete in a single set event that consists of 2 minutes of back-and-forth clean/overhead 185 lbs with deadlift 385 lbs...sounds pretty taxing!  So, today was all about lifting with cardio, and pressing 185 lbs to see where I'm at.  There is a video of that  for 1 minute, so check it out:

Weight Reps
Overhead press standing 45 30
95 10
145 6
185 10
185 13
Superset rows (2 kettle bell, 2 med ball) 50 100
Superset shoulders (DB and log) 50 100
Superset press, back with bands 50 100
Superset press, hips with bands 50 100
Abs 60 300
5 min cardio

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Today was all about supersets!  Brian and I were both too beat up from Saturday to hit any core lifts, so we stayed light, hit a ton of volume and really got the blood flowing.  Here is a video of the arms superset that we did.  Weights are light, but give this a try and your arms will be burning by the second sit...the third just gets ridiculous!

Here is the rest of the workout:

Weight Reps
Shoulder superset x3
Overhead standing 95 30
Front raise 35 30
Lateral raise 30 30
Arms superset x3
DB curl 35 45
Forearm curl 95 60
Front forearm curl 45 75
Upper back superset x3
Bent rows 155 36
Single arm rows 65 90
Lat pulls 130 60
Abs 60 60
5 min cardio

After Brian left I tied things up with some abs and stretching.  I'll likely get a good roll later tonight.  Saturday will be our next lift. 

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wasatch Front Strongman Challenge

Yesterday was the Wasatch Front Strongman Challenge, and no, I didn't compete.  My neck has been too sore and I've had some other issues, so the plan was to help a bit and sit this one out.  However, I ended the day twice as tired as I think I've ever been after an event or workout!  I ended up doing the following:

Deadlift the frame and carry it multiple times (minimum 500 lbs)
Run the yoke about 6 times as heavy as 750, and move it another 6
Run sandbags about 40 feet a dozen times
Lift an 850 tire a few times
Move miscellaneous weights around all day including circus dumbbell
And a number of other miscellaneous things

All-in-all a very long day, but the show went well, and kudos to Bronson for winning the heavyweight division and Brian for masters.

If I hadn't also had to do a bunch of work and gotten to play dad yesterday, I probably wouldn't have been quite as tired, but life is what it is.  I ended the day as tired and sore as I can recall in recent history and so, likely won't be lifting for a few days, maybe with the exception of some cardio and stretching.

As always, thanks for reading.  I need to do a better job of updating the blog, and will try to do so this week!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A day of records!

Brian and I ran down to Mapleton, today, to lift with Van and Bronson.  Next week is Brian's show, Wasatch Front Strongman Challenge.  I'm not competing due to the new baby...I'm beyond tired and in no condition to compete.  However, today, I somehow pulled it together and got in a really good lift.

We started on the log, and I hit a new personal record of 260 lbs.  That's a pretty big jump for me!  We also did some single-arm pressing - I used a kettle bell for this.

Next was deadlift.  I pulled 730 lbs on Van's frame.  It felt pretty good, and is the most I've ever done on a frame.  My hand ripped on the last set I did, so I couldn't try for any more weight...another day!

Then we did super yoke.  We went up to about 700 lbs.  It felt as light as ever, and I went really fast with it.  I was really happy that I did as well as I did!

So, 3 lifts, and 3, albeit not all with an objective metric, personal records.  I was really happy with how I did since I'm running on no sleep and still have the nagging neck issue.

That's it for today...thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Past 2 workouts

Life is getting busy, especially with the baby coming on Thursday!  I've been negligent about my posting, so time to catch-up.

On Friday, although sore from Thursday's heavy clean workout, I lifted with a neighborhood kid for the following:

Log press standing, up to 235 lbs
One-arm kettle bell press on 80 lbs
Deadlift, up to 515 lbs
Kettle bell swings
Medicine ball cleans
Triceps extensions

Then I took the weekend off as I didn't have time to lift.  Yesterday Brian and I lifted at Eastside with a new guy, Troy, and here's what we did:

Squat, warm-up for 5 sets, work up to 315 lbs
Carry and load medley, 150 lb. keg, 250 lb. sandbag about 50 ft, multiple sets
Axle cleans, up to 185 lbs
Extended lunges with overhead (Phil Pfister style)

The lunges were rough!  My hamstrings hurt today like I can't begin to explain.  The lift really works, so thanks to Phil for sharing that lift!

The plan is to go, again, today.  I hope I've recovered a bit by this evening, because right now, I've got nothing in the tank! :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting better at power cleans

Yesterday was focused on power cleans.  Cleans are by far my worst lift, with overhead in a close second.  Being 6'8 doesn't help and the fact that, based on the video, I basically reverse curl the bar with momentum from the pull.  I guess if, in the end, the bar gets to your shoulders, all is well.  I just need to generate more power off the floor to pull the higher weights.

Here is a quick video of some of my sets working up to about 255:

I hadn't lifted all week on account of my neck, so I worked in some random things, and spent quite a bit of time warming up.  Here is the breakdown:

Shoulder warm-ups 25 100
Leg warm-ups (swings, plyo) 50 100
Cleans (from floor) 155 6
185 2
205 2
225 1
235 1
255 1
Floor rows 205 8
205 8
205 8
Lat pulls 150 30
150 30
150 45
DB curls 40 16
40 16
Abs 60 60
5 min cardio

As always, thanks for reading!