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Total weight lifted 2015: 3.6 M lbs
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Total cardio logged 2015: 22.0 hours
Current body weight 301 lbs, Height 6'8

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wasatch Front Strongman Challenge

Yesterday was the Wasatch Front Strongman Challenge, and no, I didn't compete.  My neck has been too sore and I've had some other issues, so the plan was to help a bit and sit this one out.  However, I ended the day twice as tired as I think I've ever been after an event or workout!  I ended up doing the following:

Deadlift the frame and carry it multiple times (minimum 500 lbs)
Run the yoke about 6 times as heavy as 750, and move it another 6
Run sandbags about 40 feet a dozen times
Lift an 850 tire a few times
Move miscellaneous weights around all day including circus dumbbell
And a number of other miscellaneous things

All-in-all a very long day, but the show went well, and kudos to Bronson for winning the heavyweight division and Brian for masters.

If I hadn't also had to do a bunch of work and gotten to play dad yesterday, I probably wouldn't have been quite as tired, but life is what it is.  I ended the day as tired and sore as I can recall in recent history and so, likely won't be lifting for a few days, maybe with the exception of some cardio and stretching.

As always, thanks for reading.  I need to do a better job of updating the blog, and will try to do so this week!

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